Amounts in the Pre-RingCT era

For the Pre-RingCT version, verifying if the transaction amounts match, i.e. inputs=outputs+fee, is trivial as it is in bitcoin as the values are not hidden.

You will find below a graph where the inputs - outputs $>$ 1 XMR. You can also refer to the Resources section and use the Python codes to scan the blockchain and verify yourself that the amounts for every transaction match.

Fig. 1 - Overview of versions and transaction types
Highest amount transacted

The two biggest transactions in the blockchain happened at block heights: 131942 and 571428 with amounts of 506510.890000 XMR and 505499.870000 XMR respectively. If these transactions do not come from the same person then there are 2 persons that control more than 5% of the supply if they did not spend these XMR yet.